Journal of Refractive Surgery Vol. 22 No. 2 February 2006  

Ching-Liang Kuo, MD; Hsiu-Fen Lin, MD; Po-Chiung Fang, MD; Hsi-Kung Kuo, MD; David Hui-Kang Ma, MD, PhD  

PURPOSE: To report a case of late onset lamellar keratitis and epithelial ingrowth associated with orbital cellulitis 1 month after LASIK surgery.  

METHODS: A 19-year-old patient presented with pain and subsequent blurry vision in the right eye. One month prior to presentation, he had undergone LASIK in both eyes. Orbital cellulitis was suspected.  

RESULTS: Under aggressive treatment, the patient recovered from orbital cellulitis and lamellar keratitis and he also regained his vision with topical steroid treatment.  

CONCLUSIONS: Lamellar keratitis does not always occur early following LASIK and may be associated with orbital cellulitis.  

[J Refract Surg. 2006;22:202-204.]  

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