Welcome To Lasikdecision.com

If you surf the web, you’ll notice that most Lasik websites are advertisements for having Lasik eye surgery. These sites will list complications but severely downplay the risks associated with LASIK just to sell you the procedure. The same can be said of MANY doctors who perform this procedure when you go in for consultation. Don’t be rushed, and try to research as much as possible.This website is to educate you to the dangers of having Lasik when you are NOT a proper candidate. Before you consider Lasik, you must be sure it can be done safely, and that you are a proper candidate. Many will view this site as anti-lasik, but the intent is to show what can (and HAS happened). The information is here, but it is still YOUR decision!

The experiences of those damaged by LASIK are told because they may be useful to anyone considering Lasik. Most went to doctors who advertised that anyone who was nearsighted, farsighted, or had astigmatism could be done safely…that’s almost everybody! They all trusted these doctors, and now, some are permanently damaged and in the case of the original owner of this site is legally blind as a result.

The websites by those damaged contain material which some people do not want you to see, (especially Drs. Herbert Nevyas and Anita Nevyas-Wallace in the cases with and against Dom Morgan). The documents on this site are vast and (also believed to be) irrefutable however, you should come to your own conclusions regarding LASIK.

Please be safe – your eyes are too important to risk to just anybody.