Go to just about every LASIK website and read the testimonials from people who are "happy and content" with their "great LASIK experience". What you won't find or hear about are the procedures that went wrong, or the number of lawsuits:

Major LASIK chains such as LCA Vision's LASIK Vision Institute (LVI) and LASIK Plus, TLC Laser Eye Centers (and doctors associated with these companies). There are MANY names to add (listed below are a few), Your best bet would be to check your with local or federal courts.

Disclaimer: It is not purported these doctors named to be unsavory, unscrupulous, or otherwise. There is no intention to slander, defame, cause libel, or otherwise. Doctors are people...PEOPLE ARE NOT PERFECT!

Click the Read More links to view additional information for each doctor listed

Dr R David Allara

Charleston, West Virginia

Dr. R. David Allara faces federal drug charges. Agreement allows Allara to apply for reinstatement of license provided he completes in-patient rehabilitation and does not pose a risk to himself or patients. Of course, didn't he pose a risk before he got caught? Kind of makes you wonder...

Read the News Release

For the second time this year, New York attorney Todd J. Krouner has persuaded a court to permit him to amend his client’s complaint to plead punitive damages against a surgeon for LASIK malpractice. Last month, in Dew v. Allara, the West Virginia court permitted such an amendment where the doctor had voluntarily surrendered his license to practice medicine because of drug use.


Loss of License

In August 2007 per a consent order, Dr. Allara surrendered his license based on his inability to practice medicine and surgery with reasonable skill and safety due to illicit use of drugs.

Read the news release.




Dr William A Boothe (Now - Laser Care Eye Center)

Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano, Texas


Boothe is a retired LASIK surgeon in the Dallas, Ft Worth, and Plano, Texas area who for years spent millions having touted himself as the premiere go-to doctor for LASIK surgery. Although retired, Boothe has reportedly done commercials for LaserCare Eye Center,  the laser center who maintains records and basically replaces Boothe’s practice. From LaserCare’s website:

“May 1st, 2015 On this day, William A. Boothe, M.D. (a true Texas legend in the eyes of many) retired and closed his practice. Dr. Boothe often bragged of having been the busiest LASIK surgeon in world. At most recent count, he is reported to have done over 150,000 LASIK procedures.

When he needed to find a practice to leave his medical records to, he chose Sidney Gicheru, M.D. at LaserCare Eye Center. He had many choices. Dr. Gicheru founded LaserCare Eye Center in 2000.

On May 1st, LaserCare Eye Center became the Custodian of Medical Records for Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center. LaserCare Eye Center is an independent Ophthalmology practice and we would be happy to see you as a New Patient.”

Laser Care Eye Center still touts Boothe as the all-knowing pioneer of the refractive industry. From what I noticed researching LaserCare using search engines, it seems very similar to Boothe’s.

In addition to harassment to silence any Boothe negativity, assembly line LASIK, and what Boothe did to other Texas LASIK doctors, here’s what some of you may have missed:


Texas LASIK Doctors - Know Thy Competitor

Dallas-Ft. Worth Area Refractive Surgeons,

Have you found disparaging remarks about you on websites other than those by refractive surgery patients? I remember lasik-eyesurgery-lawsuits.com, a website set up several years ago listing all of Dr. Boothe's competitors' lawsuits. This website has since been removed, howevever, it has been archived but will not be available here.

Ever wonder why your page ranks on search engines are lower than what you expected?

Take notice on whose ranks are tops on those search engines:

Spammer makes threats to shut down site

Copied with permission from DoctorScoreCard.com (phone numbers have been edited out)

A man identifying himself as "Jim Rickson" has demanded that I shut down the website. He threatened that if I did not do as he demanded, he would retaliate. This blog will document what he has done, who he is, and what doctor he appears to be working for.

Disclaimer: I cannot prove any of this... yet, so for now it is an educated guess.

My educated guess

I suspect that Dr. William A. Boothe, an eye surgeon in Plano, Texas specializing in LASIK has employed the services of "Jim Rickson" to do whatever he can to delete comments posted at DoctorScorecard. If not Dr. Boothe himself, then someone very close to him has employed the services of spammers.

Here is a sample comment an anonymous patient posted about Dr. Boothe:

Now I can't see near or far....everything is blurry and I can read up close ONE WORD AT A TIME....don't ask me to read a sentence or a street sign.

the office tried to rush me into doing the second eye before the first healed...Then I would be almost blind in both eyes and unable to work


Page 2 - Dr. William A. Boothe's Lawsuits/Civil Matters
Page 3 - Texas Medical Board Information for Dr. William A. Boothe
Page 4 - Boothe v. Hanson
Page 5 - Dr. William A. Boothe, Rated

Dr Nicholas Caro

Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Nick Caro's attempt to sue a former patient for $2Mil FAILED!

Dean Kantis explains his story at http://www.lifeafterlasik.com/.

Case Dismissed!!

Nick Caro, MD  & Saint George Vision Laser SIEZED!

In addition to Dean, There have been 50+ lawsuits filed against Dr. Caro. Please note that although some or most of these cases may have been dismissed for ‘lack of merit’, or withdrawn, the fact these cases were filed in the first place warrants some questioning of one's professional ability (?). The state of Illinois seems to think so...

01/29/1993 - 1993-L-001199 - CALAMARAS L vs. CARO NICHOLAS

08/29/1997 - 1997-L-010344 - BOUBOUREKAS vs. SAINT GEORGE CORRECTIVE V

11/04/1998 - 1998-L-012699 - WARD vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

09/12/2000 - 2000-L-010443 - SMITH B vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD DBA

11/16/2000 - 2000-L-013302 - BARRIOS vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

12/28/2000 - 2000-L-015069 - PRATT vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

02/09/2001 - 2001-L-001625 - GUERRERO vs. CARO NICHOLAS C

02/09/2001 - 2001-L-001687 - RIVERA vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

11/02/2001 - 2001-L-014122 - THIEL vs. CARO NICHOLAS MD

11/15/2001 - 2001-L-014829 - KLOTTER vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

04/10/2002 - 2002-L-004498 - CALOMINO vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

10/15/2002 - 2002-L-013104 - FARINA vs. CARO NICHALAS C MD

03/14/2003 - 2003-L-003167 - CARDENAS vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

04/11/2003 - 2003-L-004416 - BRITO vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

07/17/2003 - 2003-L-008683 - DEMMA vs. CARO NICHALS C MD

12/08/2004 - 2004-L-013719 - WEINSTEIN S vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

05/06/2005 - 2005-L-005064 - LAPORTA R vs. CARO NICHOLAS MD

03/24/1997 - 1997-L-003437 - KOULIS vs. CARO NICHOLAS MD

03/02/1995 - 1995-L-004971 - CALLAS vs. CARO NICHOLAS MD

02/16/2001 - 2001-L-001954 - KOLK vs. CARO NICHOLAS MD DBA

09/13/1999 - 1999-L-010231 - CARVAJAL vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

03/07/1995 - 1995-L-005945 - HINOJOSA vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

10/25/1999 - 1999-L-011972 - WEINSTEIN S vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

10/25/1999 - 1999-L-011973 - KEHOE S vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

05/24/2004 - 2004-L-005836 - ZITO vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

07/02/1998 - 1998-L-007784 - MITCHELL P vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

12/21/1998 - 1998-L-014726 - CARDENAS E vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

01/10/2000 - 2000-L-000305 - DELAGARZA G vs. CARO NICHOLAS DR

03/02/1995 - 1995-L-005296 - GENOVESE E vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

08/14/2000 - 2000-L-009285 - WILLIAMS D vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD DBA

03/05/1999 - 1999-L-002588 - SALINAS O vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

03/24/1999 - 1999-L-003332 - IRVAN E vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

04/16/1999 - 1999-L-004249 - BONGIOVANNI R vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

05/16/2000 - 2000-L-005602 - HARMS C vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

08/04/2004 - 2004-L-008791  - WEINSTEIN S vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

09/10/2004 - 2004-L-010333  - RAEVALO RAUL  vs. CARO NICHOLAS C

06/28/2001 - 2001-L-007797  - PUCEK N vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

06/21/2001 - 2001-L-007419  - PUCKEK N vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

10/19/2004 - 2004-L-011829  - RIVERA J vs. CARO NICHOLAS C.,M.D.

07/13/2000 - 2000-L-007952  - YAGODA M vs. SAINT GEORGE CORRECTIVE V

02/03/1998 - 1998-L-001349  - CASTROVILLARI N vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

12/13/1996 - 1996-L-014530  - KOPINSKI R vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

12/10/1996 - 1996-L-014340  - SALINAZ A vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD

11/22/2005 - 2005-L-013284  - TEAGUE K vs. CARO NICHOLAS C MD NC

05/06/2005 - 2005-L-005064  - LAPORTA R vs. CARO NICHOLAS MD

12/01/1992 - 1992-M5-002287 - ANESTHESIA 1-2-3 vs. CARO NICHOLAS

07/12/1996 - 1996-M1-139514 - UNIVERSAL OUTDOOR vs. CARO NICHOLAS C

06/02/1994 - 1994-M1-132141 - ALCON SURGICAL INC vs. CARO NICHOLAS M D

06/24/1994 - 1994-M5-001376 - COZZIE F vs. THE SAINT GEORGE C

01/27/2006 -  2006-L-000973 - THIEL vs. CARO NICHOLAS / ST. GEORGE EYE

Dr. Nick Caro BBB and Attorney General's Office Complaint by Dean Andrew Kantis :

Complaint Filed Against Dr. Nicholas Caro with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation August 17th, 2005 Attn: Investigator Joe Annerino (Medical Enforcement) Illinios Department of Professional Regulation James R. Thompson Center 100 West Randolph, Suite#9-300 Chicago, Illinios 60601 w: 312-814-4526 F: 312-814-3145 Thank you for your reply to my initial complaint #200504961 against...

Posted in Refractive Surgery News on August 17, 2005 08:15 AM

Dr. Nicholas Caro Sued for Medical Malpractice by "N.K."

Plaintiff claimed that after undergoing LASIK surgery on her right eye on April 30, 1999, she experienced difficulties with a serious candida fungal infection which she followed-up with him on several occasions, which consisted of cap cleanings, prescription of several antibiotics and a steroid, until the following June 11th, her last visit. She subsequently had to undergo a corneal transplant.

Posted in Refractive Surgery News on December 3, 2004 06:41 PM

Dr. Nicholas Caro Sued for Medical Malpractice by "S.W."

These husband and wife plaintiffs are claiming that during one of two, or possibly both bilateral LASIK surgeries performed by Dr. Nicholas Caro on September 22, and October 5, 1999, metallic particles were left embedded in both of Mrs. W's corneas. Although her treatment subsequent to the discovery of the alleged particles was not yet disclosed in this file at the time it was copied, it is possible that she had to undergo corneal transplantation.

Posted in Refractive Surgery News on March 19, 2004 06:47 PM

Dr. Nicholas Caro Sued for Medical Malpractice by "R.C"

Plaintiff alleged that during her treatment consisting of multiple refractive surgeries to both eyes at St. George Corrective Vision Center between August of 1993 and September of 1997, Dr. Nicholas Caro and/or other personnel affiliated with him, among other things, performed two surgeries that have a well known poor success rate (hexagonal keratotomy and/or automated lamellar keratoplasty), failed to properly inform her about the experimental nature of each surgery performed which ultimately necessitated corneal transplantation, and also didn't inform her that an excimer laser, apparently manufactured by PDI Laser, was not approved by the FDA and that the FDA had denied Dr. Caro's application to use it, and went ahead and used it on her anyway.

Posted in Refractive Surgery News on August 25, 2003 08:20 AM

Dr. Nicholas Caro Sued for Medical Malpractice by "E.L.I."

Plaintiff alleged that on March 27, 1997, she underwent bilateral LASIK eye surgery without being given adequate informed consent regarding possible problems with her connective tissue disorder, rheumatoid arthritis and dry eyes. As a result she allegedly had severe loss of vision in both eyes from "corneal melting" and there was a period of about two and one-half months when she was legally blind.

Posted in Refractive Surgery News on July 23, 2003 09:12 AM

Dr. Nicholas Caro Sued for Medical Malpractice by "G.D." and "M.H." :

Plaintiff alleged that two weeks after Dr. Nicholas Caro performed LASIK surgery on both of his eyes on January 2, 1998, his left eye began to turn red, vision became decreased, the pupil turned white, and due to a corneal infection, developed a corneal ulcer.

Posted in Refractive Surgery News on March 31, 2000 08:25 AM

U.S. Marshalls Seize "Homegrown" Laser Owned by Dr. Nicholas Caro

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES May 15, 1997 Food and Drug Administration 2098 Gaither Road Rockville, MD 20850 WARNING LETTER Nicholas C. Caro, M.D. 4145 W. Peterson, Suite 200 Chicago, Illinois 60640 Dear Dr. Caro, The Food and Drug...

Posted in Refractive Surgery News on May 15, 1997 11:58 AM

Dr. Nicholas Caro Sued for Medical Malpractice by "E.G."

Plaintiff claimed that during the second of two lamellar keratectomy (LK) surgeries on his left eye on August 26, 1994, Dr. Nicholas Caro cut too deeply into it causing severe damage to the cornea and iris. He also claimed that Eye Technology manufactured a defective machine that was used during the procedure.

Posted in Refractive Surgery News on August 26, 1994 09:25 AM

Dr. Nicholas Caro Sued for Medical Malpractice by "G.C."

Plaintiff alleged that on February 23, 1994, Dr. Nicholas Caro, among other things, improperly performed a lamellar keratoplasty on him without giving proper informed consent by warning him of the risks involved which include blindness and also failed to inform him of alternatives. He is now blind in his left eye.

Posted in Refractive Surgery News on February 3, 1994 08:34 AM

August 17th, 2005 Attn: Investigator Joe Annerino (Medical Enforcement) Illinios Department of Professional Regulation James R. Thompson Center 100 West Randolph, Suite#9-300 Chicago, Illinios 60601 w: 312-814-4526 F: 312-814-3145 Thank you for your reply to my initial complaint #200504961 against St. George Corrective Vision Center/Dr....


Caro #1

Caro #2

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo

Bergenfield, New Jersey & New York/Brooklyn, New York

Dello Russo Attacks...

On April 20th, 2007, I received an email from my hosting company stating my website was shut down for the following complaint filed by an attorney representing Dello Russo:


We have received a formal DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice regarding allegedly infringing content hosted on your site. The specific items in question are as follows:

The party making the complaint (Joel G. MacMull, Esq., Staff Legal Consultant, INC Business Lawyers, Suite 203 -1544 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 1H8, Tel: (604) 272 -6960, Direct: (604) 913-8383, Fax: (604) 272-6959, Website: http://www.incorporate.ca/ - on behalf of Dr. Joseph Dello Russo), claims under penalty of perjury to be or represent the copyright owner of these works. Pursuant to 17 U.S.C. § 512(c), we have removed access to the files in question.


Note: Due to the database-intensive nature of your site, we had to disable it in its entirety. You may reinstate it once you can ensure that the content at the above URL has been removed.

The excerpts that were listed below (Click Read More link) have been removed even though the excerpt listings are no different than what any internet search engine does. The url's are still provided so that you may read the full text of the comments made for each category. Might I recommend spell checker for the good doctor...


Lasik patient receives $2.1M - Dello Russo settles suit but does not admit fault



A Bedminster man who alleges he was left legally blind by Lasik surgery reached a $2.1 million settlement with the prominent eye surgeon who performed the procedure, his attorney said yesterday.


James Dell'Ermo, 47, sought to rid himself of cumbersome eyeglasses and contact lenses he used for his nearsightedness, said his attorney, David Mazie of Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman in Roseland.


While his claim could not be verified last night, Mazie said he believed the settlement was the largest in a Lasik case in New Jersey history and one of the largest ever in the country.


Mazie said his client underwent Lasik surgery in the Bergenfield office of Joseph Dello Russo, an eye surgeon known in part for his advertising campaign and promotions.


But the procedure left Dell'Ermo legally blind, with vision worse than 20/400 without corrective lenses, Mazie said. Dell'Ermo filed a malpractice lawsuit in Ber gen County Superior Court and a settlement was made public yesterday.


"It's getting to the point where he has to have corneal transplants," to correct his post-surgical condition, Mazie said.


John Tomaszewski, an attorney for Dello Russo, said the settlement does not mean an admission of fault.


"This settlement was arrived at with the understanding of all parties, in part to avoid the uncertainty and the rigors of a long jury trial," said Tomaszewski, who represented Dello Russo on part of the settlement. "And in no way, shape or form does the New Jersey Eye Center or Dr. Dello Russo concede or admit to any improper treatment or wrongdoing."


But it's not for everyone, Mazie said. The lawyer said Dell'Ermo's condition of steep corneas should have ruled him out as a candidate for Lasik. He said the procedure caused a condition known as "ectasia," or bulging of the cornea, in both of Dell'Ermo's eyes.


"We're starting to see that a lot of people who have undergone Lasik and are undergoing Lasik at the moment are not properly screened," Mazie said.


N.J. Supreme Court says doctors, lawyers can't be sued for consumer fraud

Dello Russo #1

YM v Dello Russo - Medical/Podiatric Malpractice - 122587/2001

Dello Russo #2

Seems Being A LASIK Doctor CAN Be Somewhat Controversial...

Dello Russo #3



This is an action to recover for defendants' false description, false designation of origin and false advertising under Section 43(a) of the Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C § 1125(a), deceptive trade practices and false advertising under Sections 349 and 350 of the New York General Business Law, invasion of privacy under Sections 50 and 51 of the New York Civil Rights Law and unfair competition under New York common law, for which plaintiff seeks preliminary and permanent injunctive relief and compensatory and punitive damages against defendants, based on the unauthorized and intentionally deceptive use of his name by competitors in a way that will irreparably injure plaintiff and mislead the public in an area of great public concern -- individual health and welfare.

Insurance company ordered to pay $15.3

An insurance company for a prominent Bergen County, New Jersey eye surgeon must pay $15.3 million to cover malpractice claims made by 16 former patients, a Superior Court judge has ruled.

Read More

Clinic sued in failure to pay

Read More

Is It Marketing?  

Dr. Dello Russo offers much advice on...

The Internet and other websites





That's odd, I make not one cent from my websites...




On Dry Eye








Thin Corneas, Pupil Size, Night Vision, and A Few More

























Dr Eric Donnenfeld

Garden City, NY 

Malpractice Verdict Returned against 2005 Surgeon of the Year

Three million dollar malpractice verdict returned against 2005 Cataract and Refractive Surgeon of the Year in Nassau County, New York under index Number 8476/2002.

Garden City, NY (PRWEB) July 10, 2006 -- Keith, Shapiro & Ford, a Garden City, New York based law firm received a three million dollar verdict in a LASIK Malpractice Trial in Nassau County, New York involving a LASIK surgery performed on January 7, 2000 (index number 8476/2002). The plaintiff suffered from post-LASIK ectasia which was claimed to have resulted from pre-existing form fruste keratoconus as well as an insufficient residual stromal bed. It was also claimed that the informed consent was insufficient notwithstanding an eight page Informed Consent Document, a video, a brochure and a general discussion of the risks with a referring optometrist.

The plaintiff, a 43 year old woman, is still wearing contact lenses but her treating optometrist testified that she is getting near to the point where she will only have surgical options.

The Defendant doctor was Eric D. Donnefeld. Donnenfeld who was chosen as the 2005 National Cataract and Refractive Surgeon of the Year by the Journal Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today. Dr. Dr. Donnenfeld is a National Medical Director of TLC. has according to his website has trained more surgeons to perform refractive surgery than any other doctor in New York.

The case took nine days to complete and the jury deliberated for approximately five hours. The total jury verdict broken down as $1,000,000.00 for past pain and suffering, $1,000,000.00 for future pain and suffering and $1,000,000.00 for future medical expenses. There was never an offer on the case. The jury rejected the insufficient residual stromal bed theory but found a departure as to the diagnoses of form fruste keratoconus and they also found the informed consent to be inadequate.


Press Contact: Ken Keith


Email: email protected from spam bots

Phone: 5162220200

Website: cornealaw.com


Eric Donnenfeld Loses $2.5 Million in Malpractice Lawsuit

MARCH 29,  2002

TLC Medial Director of Garden City, Eric Donnenfeld, along with several other surgeons suggests marketing lasik to non-candidates:

"Tell every patient that you perform LASIK. Tell patients who would never be candidates themselves, including cataract patients and patients with chronic or intractable eye disease. Every single patient you see can be a referral source, and may be your best referral source."  http://www.revophth.com/1999/july_articles/799%20lasik.htm

One nurse who had cataract surgery with Dr. Donnenfeld, is not likely to provide a positive referral for Dr. Donnenfeld's lasik services:

Dr Glenn Kawesch

Los Angeles/San Diego, California

My condolences to the Kawesch family on the passing of Dr. Kawesch however these lawsuits still happened.

The following MEDICAL MALPRACTICE/NEGLIGENCE lawsuits (OVER 40!) against Dr. Kawesch (GLENN A, KAWESCH  MD, SOUTHWEST EYE CARE CENTERS, SOUTHWEST EYE CENTER INC, KAWESCH LASIK CENTER) are docketed with the San Diego Courts, and are a matter of public record. The docket numbers, dates (past to present), and parties are listed with a link to the court docket or pdf.

Please note that although some or most of these cases may have been dismissed for ‘lack of merit’, or withdrawn, the fact remains these cases were filed.


Dr Robert Maloney

Los Angeles, California


Kathy Griffin's experience with Dr. Robert Maloney of the Maloney Vision Institute

Maloney #1


Maloney #2

THE LAWRENCE SUMMERS MEMORIAL AWARD - 10 Worst Corporations of 2004

Maloney #3

Trial Date Set for Extreme Make-Over LASIK Surgeon Maloney

Source #1

Maloney #4

Source #2

Maloney #5

UPDATE: Trial is scheduled for October 10, 2007

Dr. Maloney Rated (ONCE!)


"Dr. Maloney lied to me. He told me that there were no negative side effects with lasik and there was no way that the surgery could go wrong. I told him I was getting married in 3 weeks, and he said that I should do it right away and that I'd be perfectly fine. Since then, my eyes have been chronically dry and red, and burn. My vision is blurry and it's much worse than before the surgery. Maloney then gave me another surgery called an "enhancement" and made my eyes even worse. He also was inappropriate with a female doctor who works with him. He caressed her hair, rubbed her arm and whispered things in her ear -- right in front of me, a patient! He supports implanting jewels in people's eyes -- which is very dangerous and uncomfortable. For $2000 he will implant "eye jewelery into your eyeball." There are several lawsuits against him as he lies to his patients and has ruined many people's vision. He is an actor more than a doctor. google him and bad lasik and you will see what i mean."

Dr Eric Mandel

New York, NY /  White Plains, NY


Gxxxxx v. Mandel / New York LASIK Vision Correction

Mandel #1

Mandel #2

JH v. Mandel


JH v. MANDEL, ERIC R.  New York   OTHER TORTS NEGLIGENCEComplex   27-NOV-05 16-FEB-06 20-MAY-07 2006L-00714Jury at Ps request ABDUS-SALAAM, SHEILA CLAUSEN MILLER GORMAN CAFFREY  D X 2 109040/2004 JH v. MANDEL, ERIC R.  New York   OTHER TORTS NEGLIGENCEComplex   27-NOV-05 16-FEB-06 20-MAY-07 2006L-00714Jury at Ps request ABDUS-SALAAM, SHEILA SEGAN NEMEROV & SINGER P.C.  P X 2


Obtained from the New York State Unified Court System


http://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/webcivil/FCASSearch (Party search Mandel)


Index Number

Case Name – Ruling in Favor of [Bold]

Case Type


Disp. Date



Med./Pod. Malpractice





Med./Pod. Malpractice





Med./Pod. Malpractice





Med./Pod. Malpractice





Other Torts/Negligence





Other Torts/Negligence




This email was received 06/23/08 from a staff member at Dr. Mandel’s office asking that this page be updated.


"there are no outstanding or paid claims on Dr. Eric Mandel  All claims were dismissed or won by
Dr. Mandel  Please update your records.  thank you"


A response was sent accordingly:


"The cases dismissed or won by Dr. Mandel does not infer these cases were filed without merit."


Emphasize on the disclaimer that the doctors named on this website are not purported to be unsavory, unscrupulous, or otherwise. There is no intent to slander, defame, cause libel, or otherwise. Doctors are people...PEOPLE ARE NOT PERFECT!




Drs Herbert Nevyas, Anita Nevyas (Wallace), Nevyas Eye Associates

Bala Cynwyd, PA / Philadelphia, PA / Marlton, NJ


Morgan's experience with Drs. Herbert Nevyas and Anita Nevyas-Wallace (Nevyas Eye Associates), information regarding their investigational study, and the legal battle to retain his free speech rights.



Civil Suits:




021004168  MD VS ANITA NEVYAS-WALLACE MD ETAL - http://www.montcopa.org/prothy/PSIViewer/EntityView.aspx # 2003-22154 - Transferred to SUPERIOR COURT OF PA #2443 EDA 2007


020202004  CM VS HERBERT J NEVYAS MD ETAL - Transferred to Montgomery County  http://www.montcopa.org/prothy/PSIViewer/EntityView.aspx - 2003-11314




010704335  AA ETAL VS HERBERT J NEVYAS MD - Transferred to Montgomery County http://www.montcopa.org/prothy/PSIViewer/EntityDetail.aspx - 2002-06393






980403296  PJ VS NEVYAS



Dr Stephen Orlin

Philadelphia, PA

note: Dr. Orlin was expert witness for the Nevyases in several of his lawsuits. Below are his opinions in my lawsuit and transcript of video testimony in the Wills v Nevyas lawsuit. Dr. Orlin is a LASIK doctor, not affiliated with Nevyas Eye Associates.

Affidavit regarding LASIK and Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)


This affidavit is from Dr. Stephen Orlin, an expert witness of my LASIK doctors in several lawsuits. He clearly states "Retinopathy of Prematurity, in and of itself, is not a contraindication to LASIK surgery". It also states as an expert of my doctors, that my retinas were "healthy" for practical purposes of LASIK.

Currently, only the rich text format is available.

New York, NY

Dr. Speaker has had to pay the highest LASIK litigation verdict to date.